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Montreal’s Food Culture: A Cuisine That Feels More European

A lot of facts about Montreal’s culture make it the most likable place on earth and with no doubt food is one among them. Cuisines all over the world have their own specialty and ‘What is so special about Montreal’s food culture?’ This is what we are going talk about in this article.

Earlier Montreal did not have its own defining food habits. It is believed that the food habits of Italy, Greece, Japan, and Lebanon have an influence on Montreal’s cuisine and have contributed dishes for Montreal’s restaurants. However, today the case is different. Montreal can list quite a number of dishes to its credit. Montreal is also termed as the ‘Culture Capital’ of Canada. So let us see how Montreal made a difference to the culture and habits of Canada.

montreal food

Food items you cannot miss if you are in Montreal:

Montreal has become one of the most important places to visit if you are in Canada. Food is definitely one of the reasons as to why people swarm to Montreal. There are certain food items that you shouldn’t definitely miss if you are in Montreal because these are the food items that define Montreal. Here goes the list:

The top food items that define Montreal:

Poutine: So if you haven’t heard the term before, then it’s high time you visit Montreal. Poutine is a delicious combination of fries, sauces, and cheese. These are the three primary items that form a part of the dish, but some restaurants make valuable additions such as beacon, chicken, beef, onion, and sausages. Poutine seems to be a common dish but it is one of the most delicious dishes in the whole of America, and more than 10 different variations of the dish are available.

Craft wine: You can never find craft wine the way you find them in Montreal. The breweries in Montreal are globally known for their quality and are consumed by all wine lovers. Craft wine demands a special methodology, and unless you fulfill it, you will find it hard to get the authentic taste.

Smoked Meat: The next dish on the list is smoked meat. It is made out of red meat especially fish and is a dish that is believed to have been in existence from the pre-historic ages. This food has been popular in Montreal right from the 1900s. Your Montreal tour doesn’t end without consuming this deliciously prepared meat.

Bagels: The Bagels made in Montreal have a name for themselves on the global level. They are well-known around the city, and many tourists have this food without fail when they are on a food tour. Dishes like Bagels, Smoked meat and Poutine are compulsory dishes that you cannot miss out when you are in Montreal.

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