What is the Best Nespresso Coffee Maker?

What is the Best Nespresso Coffee Maker?

Planning on buying a Nespresso machine? Then there are a couple of things that you probably should know in order to get the best Nespresso machine that suits your needs. Nespresso has a variety of coffee makers meaning there is always something that works for everyone.

Getting a Nespresso coffee maker can change your mornings. Waking up to an espresso is a fantastic way to kick off your day. However, the difficult part is making a home espresso which might not be the same quality as the one you get from the coffee shops. Nespresso coffee makers provide you with espresso every morning. But the real challenge lies in the process of picking the best coffee maker.

Nespresso Pixie

Hearing the word “pixie” should give the impression that something is small and highly portable. That is exactly the impression Nespresso Pixie gives.
Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie is all about ease of use and portability. The design is compact and quite which means no cleaning up afterwards or unnecessary noises. The machine can fit in any kitchen giving you a super frothy creamy milk in the comfort of your own kitchen.


— Size —

The Nespresso Pixie is intentionally designed to take up less space. It is the smallest coffee maker in the Nespresso series measuring 12 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 9 3/4. The coffee maker be placed anywhere in your kitchen without taking up much space. It is perfect for homes that do not have enough storage room.

— Automatic brewing —

With its fully automatic brewing, you don’t have to do much when making your morning espresso. All you need to do is place the coffee capsules in the machine, choose the size of you cup or latte and your hot beverage will be ready in about 30 seconds. The process is quick and simple.

— Stylish design —

The design of Nespresso Pixie is a work of art. You can tell that design was well thought just from the appearance. From the elegant side panels, the smooth edges to the wonderful retro feel, this coffee maker is captivating. Nespresso Pixie also comes in a number of attractive colors that blend well with any kitchen.

— Consistent espresso shots —

Unlike a lot of the coffee makers on the market, Nespresso Pixie guarantees you consistency in espresso shots. All you need to do is preset the length of brew for you to get the intended taste in your coffee.

— 19-bar pressure pump —

This ensures maximum extraction of flavors for the intended taste.

— Thermo-block mechanism —

Thermo-block mechanism guarantees that the temperature of your coffee is exactly how you wanted it to be.

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  • The brewing process is fast.
  • Maximum flavor extraction giving you the intended taste in your coffee
  • The programmable mechanism allows you to set the coffee to your preferred taste.
  • Excellent ergonomic design.



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  • Nespresso Pixie is not compatible with capsules from other brands. You can only use Nespresso capsules on this coffee maker which can be an inconvenient if you don’t like Nespresso capsules. Their capsules are also expensive.
  • The machine is relatively expensive compared to other brands.




Nespresso Pixie Coffee maker is suitable for anyone who is looking for a coffee maker with a variety of flavors and faster brewing process.

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